Introducing Insurpass - An Open Insurance API driving Insurance Penetration in Africa.



Introducing Insurpass - An Open Insurance API driving Insurance Penetration in Africa.


Insurpass is an API-based insurance technology company ushering in the future of insurance in Africa and redefining insurance distribution for insurers in Africa. 

Through Open Insurance, Insurpass is facilitating an ecosystem among insurers, banks, fintech companies, service providers from other industries, and the financially un(der)served to create incredible opportunities to accelerate insurance inclusion in Africa.We are doing this firstly by connecting insurance with other sectors of the economy, giving Insurers access to credible, digital, and on-site channels to drive the uptake of insurance products by end-users. Secondly, by giving the fintech ecosystem and 3rd party service providers – from other industries – access to insurtech infrastructure that allows them embed insurance propositions into their customer journey to enhance their value proposition to their customers without the cost or time-to-market associated with building infrastructures from the scratch.Insurpass is democratizing access to innovative, affordable, and customer-focused insurance products to the financially un(der)served base-of-the-pyramid consumers who have over the years been excluded from financial inclusion, allowing them access to micro-insurance products anywhere, anytime.In essence, Insurpass aggregates innovative micro-insurance products from leading insurers and delivers them through a singular API access to enable developers, fintech applications, and other digital platforms to rapidly configure or embed insurance components (products and features) into their customer journey, and to also offer insurance services to their customers many of whom are uninsured.

The Insurpass API is an easy-to-deploy, plug-and-play insurance-as-a-service solution, already pre-configured with innovative insurance products; like micro-health plans costing as low as #400 per month, credit life insurance which is an insurance plan that guarantees loan balance repayment to the Lender in an event of loan default by a borrower, commuter insurance, and more.

Our Open Insurance API is also pre-configured with insurance features that allow any platform that integrates with the API to carry out insurance functions like insurance subscription, renewal, claims services and more, directly on their platform while we (Insurpass) take care of all complex back-office insurance activities like claims management, policy management, underwriting, etc. allowing your company to start offering insurance services in no time.The juicy part is that our API is free to use and your company also earns a commission for every insurance subscription initiated through your platform.

We are inviting you to join our community as we pave the way for the expansion of insurance services to millions of poor and vulnerable people who are mostly left out of financial inclusion.As a company, it is of utmost concern to us to help the base-of-the-pyramid consumers and the vulnerable to easily access meaningful, innovative, and affordable insurance products that meet their needs and we believe that "Open Insurance" will be the lever to drive insurance inclusion and innovation in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. 

Visit our website today to see amazing use-cases of how Insurpass can help your business enhance its value proposition to its customers.